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to be careful about that let me say, this bill, i don't think that kind of environment can flourish unless there is created a space or environment where it is encouraged. here is what we do know. we do know donors to mid romney and republican causes last year were targeted biobama's campaign apparatus and gentleman in idaho targeted and his operations. others complain about it general culture of the willingness to use the instruments of government to put what you consider to be your political opponents in a bad position. you have seen that on issue after issue. whistleblower saying benghazi they felt threatened for their jobs. >> hicks. >> the a.p. now being targeted in widespread effort to find information out about. >> bill: let's talk about the a.p. thing. all right, now. earlier today as you probably know attorney general holder gave a press conference. and then carney, the white house spokesperson also took questions about the a.p. questions about the a.p. here is the bottom line on the a.p., senator. i want to get your reaction to it holder says he recused himself because he, himself
may sit up and pay attention or do something about it. he helped create the environment and also going out and targeting romney donors by name, putting out the fact calling some of them less than reputable, one of them ended up after being named by an obama website in this manner ended up getting hit by three federal audits in the space of four months. >> paul: we will be covering this every week. still ahead, despite the scandal engulfing the agency, irs is undergoing a big expansion, thanks to new role as chief obamacare enforcer. what you need to know, next. all business purchases. so you can capture your receipts, and manage them online with jot, the latest app from ink. so you can spend less time doing paperwork. and more time doing paperwork. ink from chase. so you can. of course i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning... to like 1,000 bees that were just stinging my feet. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it
an environment for success. we had the dumbest tax in the united states, the michigan business tax. it was plain dumb and we replaced it with a corporatele inning tax. you take your net income, and go run your business. we have done regulatory reform gotten rid of a thousand rules and it's a customer service atmosphere. basically we defined government. we're a customer service organization and our custom efforts are the citizens and organizations of our state, and they deserve great service. so, those fundmentals is what hat turned it around. it's about michiganders reinvesting in michigan so we're attracting people from all around the world. we're a great value. neil northeasterly it is cal basketball, i've been in michigan. so be well, sir. very good seeing you again. >> have a great weekend. >> neil: the woman behind this storm now the charge of healthcare reform? the story that could leave you a little queazy. actually make you vomit. were part of their investment sttegy... block before they planned for their parents' future needs and their son's future... they chose a partner to help manage
." >> to send some number of special troops in without knowing what the environment is, without knowing what the threat s and without any intelligence in terms of what was going on on the ground would have been very dangerous. we don't approve that. it's a cartoonish impression of military capabilities and forces. >> we have a sense that the military couldn't have done anything and it's an action-hero type feeling and those who are trying to carry the banner the bengahzi and misdeeds and oversights there play that. but only one wan could sell the global conspiracy of bengahzi in quite this way and it is the tearful one, glenn beck. >> i want you to know that the irs story, the bengahzi story and the boston bombings and the more importantly the muslim cover up, the muslim brotherhood cover up they're all connected. they're all connected. because they all have the same thing. we're being told one thing when another thing is actually happening. >> continuing the rest doctor tieing it all together. >> the muslim brotherhood, we're talking about this president who we expect was not born here. and
a fake scandal. this won't create jobs, save the environment, but at least its entertaining. joining me now from washington, d.c. eleanor clift from the daily beast. welcome to "the war room." >> thank you. i really enjoy your set up. i'm sitting here chuckling. >> michael: we had a good time. hour producer was writing it all day long. will the ap get more traction, is there more there, there as the president would say. >> the ap story hits home with reporters, and jay carney, of course is a former newsmagazine reporter. everybody is afraid of the chilling affect of having the government engage in this intrusive behavior. it seems to me withholder having stepped aside and they apparently fingered the deputy who gave this order and he'll be on the hot seat. i think holder is a short termer any way. i don't think he'll stay the full term. the president is a constitutional lawyer. he was getting questions about how does the constitutional lawyer feel about the sentencing at the administration. one reporter asked why doesn't the president call up he can holder and ask him what is going on?
was anything but funny. >> when you're funny in that environment, that's so rough, most people don't have $100 to go to madison square garden to see eddie murphy so i was their eddie murphy and they would protect me so i liked that feeling. >> reporter: tracy made people laugh on "saturday night live" then for seven years on the sitcom "30 rock" but with the fame came partying and drinking. so when you're on "30 rock" you were this funny, zany -- >> i was dying inside. the first two years. >> reporter: what was the wake-up call? >> losing my family. my wife wanted a divorce. put the alcohol down and i just walked away from all of it. >> reporter: and now you don't drink at all. >> seven years clean. >> reporter: are you estimated every day? >> we all are. it's all around us but i fight. >> reporter: you're 44 now. did you ever think that you would be this popular when you were a little kid, that you would -- >> you know like being interviewed by barbara walters. >> yes, something like that. >> no, this is all so real to me. hosting the billboard awards. get out of here. >> you can watch all of
. as a reporter in that environment i know how important access is and every reporter complains about this. >> jon: let's take a look how one of the best known reporters used the sum totaled of these scandals. here is what dan rather had to say. >> the republicans must be slapping high fives behind closed doors. they have three things. number one, their agenda item is to stop president obama from accomplishing anything in the second term. this aids that. number two, they have the eye on the next congressional elections 2014, many republicans in congress are getting things from the tea party and now they have sol gator and, by the way, with the benghazi thing they managed to damage hillary clinton's chances of getting the nomination. >> jon: it sounds like, according to mr. rather, it's all political? >> yeah. i'm sitting, we should go back to 30 years and how he spun so many stories from the past. he views everything through politics. it's no wonder that we have a new system of media. i think that these people who pretend to be unbiased journalists have been defrocked. now see they are just as bia
, very different environment. much cheaper market, i might point out. volatile swings back then that were punctuated by revelations and developments in those hearings. could it ever get to the same stage here, and is the differentiator the fact that the economy is stronger now. >> there is a lot of moving parts to that statement. clearly in that time period, we had 70% tax rates, for example, income tax rates. we have capital gains rates of 36 1/2%. we had interest rates that were 17, 18%. we had an entirely different economy. but i think it's an interesting parallel because if you look at the time period that that included that 73-74 period. don't forget from 73-74, neil, the market traded down from approximately 1,000 on the dow to somewhere below 700 -- excuse me, 570, 560. so the market was down over 50% from the trading highs, to trading lows. we have actually gone through a similar period now between 2000 and 2013 where the s & p basically traded down well over 50%, if you look at the time period of 2007, late to early march of 2009 from its trading highs. the time period not quite
health care an environment like this? neil: what would you do? >> no. this is all very scary to me. neil: all right. >> to have so much bias within government. neil: doctor, thank you, very, very much. meantime take it from the guy ronald reagan famously brought to the woodshed. we get too wrapped up in these scandals at the expense of all ee, we're all in deep, shed. it's a brand new start. withenturylink visionary cud infrastructure, and custom communinications solutions, yo business is more reliable, secure, and agile. i'm maria, and i have diabetic nerve pain. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it was like pins nd needles sticking in your toes and in your feet. it progressed from there to burning like i was walking on hot coals. at that point, i knew i had to do something. when i went to see my doctor, she chose lyrica. once i staed taking the lyrica, the pain started subsiding. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat dietic nerve pain. lyrica is not for eveone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or
because stuff often sits in there for so long without getting cleaned and the warmer environment inside the purse provides a breeding ground for germs. >> gross. >> bill: think of a woman carrying her purse around. she might as well be carrying a dement seat aroundtoilet seat around. >> we bring you the news every day here on the "full-court press." and sometimes we even make news which was the case yesterday. you know i as a liberal and as a progressive said -- and i am not backing down -- that i think eric holder has outlived whatever usefulness he had to the obama administration, to president obama, and that he ought to go. he ought to either be fired or president obama should ask him to resign. give him a chance. i don't want to be too mean. let him say i want to spend more time with my family and step down. but at any rate i think he ought to go. that was -- and i said that. and i tweeted that out, and it first of all, showed up on the front page of the hill a great newspaper covering ent did on capitol hill here showed up there yesterday. it was
in san francisco. hope you have a great day. >>> growing concerns over the environment this morning. a new report showing carbon-dioxide has reached levels not seen in millions of years. ann thompson is nbc's chief environmental affairs correspondent. good morning to you. co2 levels in our atmosphere. it's a number that fluctuates throughout the year but the amount of co2 surpassed the threshold that scientists say signals we are running out of time to reverse the impact of global warming. from the serene setting high atop hawaii's mauna loa volcano a danger sign, the highest carbon dioxide levels in human history, 400 parts per million. >> the rate of change is accelerating, that's something all of us need to be concerned about. >> reporter: the amount of carbon dioxide has risen dramatically since the industrial revolution from 280 parts per million to the recent 400 parts per million milestone. man made carbon dioxide is produced when we use coal for electricity or oil and gas to get around. co2 traps heat in the atmosphere. too much and it warms the earth, changing the climate c
dominated environment but it is really important to point out that there are men who are assaulted actually in larger numbers than women in the military. because it is about power. it is about asserting power over someone. >> bill: larger numbers? >> only because -- >> bill: more men in the military. >> they are about 50% to 0% of those -- to 60% of those who are assaulted are men. >> bill: it comes down to power. that's what it is all about. so in the congress -- do you think we will see some action on this? i know congress is really busy. we have to have more hearings on benghazi. now we have to have hearings up the gazoo on the i.r.s. >> with good reason, too. >> we should be putting our focus on the i.r.s. and not on benghazi. >> bill: also on other things like gun safety and climate control and all of the others. how about this issue? do you think we're going to see some action? >> there are a number of us who are pushing hard to make sure there is action. it is interesting. some people want to say they want to do something but they truly want to keep the status quo. because you know,
the foe toes as social documentation in a rarefied environment and fans of the exhibit agree. >> you can't tell who they are. so i think it's fine. i love that, too. it's mysterious. i love them. >> reporter: he says he got the idea for the pictures from bird watching and it's really no different. he may have a hard time getting new pictures. since the exhibit opened a lot of people around here have been keeping their curtains closed. >> this subject is getting a lot of attention on-line. we will be talking about it in our 8:00 hour. meanwhile, one of the best-known ath leets necessary world, david beckham is retiring. michelle has a look at the impact of a career that stretches well beyond soccer. ♪ >> reporter: there's no other soccer player in the world quite like him. a superstar, burning on hard work, perfectionism. how do you end it like beckham? with trademark humility. >> i love the game so much. you know how much we love the game. >> reporter: you can almost feel his pain. >> i just feel that -- i don't know. i don't know. you know what, it's the right time. i believe it's the
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)